All is lost? No!

Systemic value coaching helps dissolve inner barriers, provides support in stress reduction and fosters a healthy work-life balance. Allow yourself to discover the unexpected benefits of individual process work.

All-is-lost coaching offers you guidance for a certain period of time. Various methods are applied, including psychological short-term processes, systemic constellation work, work on parts of our personality we are unaware of, contemplative walking, conflict resolution strategies, trance work and others. My role is to ask questions and to initiate a transformation / development process. You need to allow this process to happen. If you do so, it will lead to sustainable transformation and inner growth.

Possible topics

  • Dissolving inner blocks and barriers
  • Finding solutions for professional and/or private problems
  • Improving the work-life balance
  • Initiating changes in our private and/or professional life
  • Preventing burnout

Systemic value coaching is a scientific validated method based on the St.Galler Coaching Modell (SCM)® certified by the European Coaching Association.