Meridian tapping to release emotional stress

This tapping technique is a form of treatment that activates the body’s powers of self-healing. It is related to traditional acupuncture.

Tapping on specific meridian points can touch the roots of inner barriers caused, for example, by anxiety, trauma, or physical discomfort, and help release their negative energy. It is a highly effective procedure in itself, and can also be applied in conjunction with coaching.

The meridian points are stimulated by a light form of tapping. At the same time, the mind focuses on the problems to be resolved, connecting with the negative emotions caused by and reinforcing the psychological blockage. The tapping harmonises the flow of energy in the meridians. As a result, the negative emotions are usually released quite quickly.

Possible benefits

  • Greater mindfulness of the present moment
  • Accepting negative emotions as a first step to releasing them
  • Overcoming anxiety and other negative states of mind
  • Dissolving emotional barriers
  • Enhancement of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Facing and reducing stress symptoms

If required, you will be shown certain tapping techniques during the coaching sessions. You can then apply them at home yourself.