Spiritual coaching

Let’s assume there is a divine core innate in all of us. Let’s assume it wants to be discovered so that it can show us a way. Becoming consciously aware of our connection with this divine core can have an essential impact on our manner of life and our personal development.

The aim of spiritual coaching is to support you in finding access to this part of yourself. To connect with your inner source, with life itself or with a higher power, whatever you want to call it, and to let it take effect in your everyday life.

Methods used include process work, hypnotic dream work, meditation, contemplative walking, painting and other forms of practice. Regular repetition of the process steps enables you to gain better awareness of your true self and so discover the essence of your being.

Possible benefits

  • Integrating what you long for into your everyday life
  • Realising your aspirations
  • Hearing what your inner voice has to say
  • Letting go of projections
  • Exploiting your potential in order to enhance your capabilities
  • Finding your own centre
  • Strengthening your self-perception
  • Discovering your inner values